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The Egg and The Eye

This is an assignment for my Seeing Sideways class. We were all given an egg and were told to do ‘something’ with it. The purpose of this class (from what I can tell) is to be unique, well, maybe not unique, but creative within ourselves. So when given this egg, I started thinking, what can I do? I thought about what I could do that would be different and unique. But I started thinking of ideas that I thought would be better or different than any other students, but then I realized, that isn’t the purpose of this class. So I began to think again, what would I, David Jones, do with this egg? Immediately I began to think of the differences of eggs; color, spots, etc. We were given brown eggs, but white eggs are the ‘majority’ or popular to buy. That made me think of segregation, that led to a pun on sEGGregation. And after a little research of egg puns, I found out that ova is a protein in the white off an egg which led me to…


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