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Looking vs Seeing

This is another assignment for my Seeing Sideways class. We were told to find an object (person, place, or thing) that we interact with regularly and then think on the concept of looking vs seeing. I would say everything in life has more meaning that one, which I think is what this assignment is supposed to show. Everything has a ‘face-value’ and then also a deeper meaning. It could be something so simple as a nail. At face-value it is just a piece of metal sharp on one end with a head on the other and they are worth barely anything. But once looking deeper into the meaning of a nail, one can begin to see that a nail (as part of a group of other objects) provides shelter for nearly every person in the world. A nail provides a job to thousands of construction workers. Perhaps a married couple fell in love when the damsel in distress had to call an auto repair company after having a flat tire on the highway, and the mechanic came to change her tire and found that the flat was caused by…a nail, or rather, their marriage later on was caused by…a nail. Not everything, or anything, in life is ever only worth it’s face-value.

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