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Documentary Photography - 4/17/14

Photo ISO Focal Length Aperature
Photo 1 ISO 100 36mm f/5.0
Photo 2 ISO 1600 18mm f/5.0
Photo 3 ISO 400 22mm f/4.0
Photo 4 ISO 800 135mm f/5.6
Photo 5 ISO 400 135mm f/5.6
Photo 6 ISO 400 135mm f/5.6
Photo 7 ISO 500 135mm f/5.6
Photo 8 ISO 1000 50mm f/1.8
Photo 9 ISO 1250 135mm f/5.6
Photo 10 ISO 2500 50mm f/1.8
Photo 11 ISO 3200 50mm f/1.8
Photo 12 ISO 200 50mm f/1.8
Photo 13 ISO 400 50mm f/1.8
Photo 14 ISO 100 50mm f/1.8
Photo 15 ISO 1600 50mm f/1.8

Documentary Photography

For my documentary photography project I decided to capture the tattoo process and culture. I chose tattooing because it is a subject that really interests me and I find it to be misunderstood, at least somewhat, especially in the religious realm. I find it important to document to better educate the people who are unfamiliar with the practice of tattooing. I think there is a barrier between some people and the tattoo culture simply due to their ignorance of the subject. Shoot, I think a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions of what a tattoo parlor is even like on the inside because they are even afraid to go in one. If they were to be able to understand it better, then maybe they would be able to appreciate it more.

Tattooing is definitely an art form which is why photography is the best tool to show and educate with. It is a window into the parlor where people can peek in while remaining unscathed by the treacherous evils that abound inside. That is a little exaggerated, but unfortunately a little too true.

The biggest challenge I faced in this project is I really wanted to capture some really close up shots. So I thought I would try my hand at some macro photography. I didn’t want to invest in a macro lens, so I picked up a macro extension tube. This would have been great if I would have been really experienced with this type of photography, but I struggled with finding the right f-stop for my DOF and getting enough light in the lens. So most of those shots had pretty high ISOs. And a lot of the macro shots I took were useless. But I did manage to get a few that were pretty decent I thought. This was a really fun learning experience and I have a much better idea of what to expect if I were want to do something like this again. Like, instead of an hour window of shooting, maybe I would try and set up a whole day or at least half a day with the subject. But this was really fun.

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