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FEAR (part 1)

This was a difficult assignment for me. I couldn’t really find something I fear really. I looked up the top common fears, and I found something that somewhat strikes a chord with me, but it is somewhat lame. The fear is something that I doubt many people have, and they more than likely do what […]

Roadblocks Part II

Last week in my Seeing Sideways class we had an assignment due that was about recognizing the ‘roadblocks’ in our life that keep us from pursuing our passion or from being creative. This week, we were supposed to create something that can only be observed with 1 of our 5 senses that shows what our […]

The Rebounder

Our church is doing an Easter Illustrated Sermon titled ‘The Rebounder’ and is originally done by Tommy Barnett at Phoenix First. Here is the graphic I created for the sermon.


What is it in your life that prevents you from doing what you want or love to do? I know for me it was simply a priority of responsibilities. I am married, my wife and I have 5 children, I work full time, and I am a full time student. Therefore, due to the responsibilities […]

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