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Looking vs Seeing

This is another assignment for my Seeing Sideways class. We were told to find an object (person, place, or thing) that we interact with regularly and then think on the concept of looking vs seeing. I would say everything in life has more meaning that one, which I think is what this assignment is supposed […]

You're the Inspiration

Two weeks ago in my Seeing Sideways class I was given the assignment to blog about and bring in something that inspires me. I thought about this for the past couple of days, and I was trying to find something that would be acceptable by the whole class, like using music or family as that […]


This is an assignment for my Seeing Sideways class. We were all given an egg and were told to do ‘something’ with it. The purpose of this class (from what I can tell) is to be unique, well, maybe not unique, but creative within ourselves. So when given this egg, I started thinking, what can […]

Seeing Sideways

I just started a new semester today in school. I decided this semester was going to be different than the previous three. The first couple semesters I took pre-req classes and then I decided to do only classes that focused on my degree. But after three semesters of project heavy classes, I was burned out. […]

Singing Christmas Tree Promo

Here is the promo video that was created for The Singing Christmas Tree Spectacular. I used assets from Envato¬†and used a voice actor from That is a pretty great resource for quick turn around voice acting. I needed the spot done within 5 hours and didn’t have any vocal recording done yet. I found […]

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