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AnnaLeigh Marceline Jones

Before Janan and I had Emma, I couldn’t see myself being a daddy to a girl. I had two rough and tumble boys, and I just didn’t think I’d be everything that a little girl would need. On January 28th, my second little princess was born. Her name is AnnaLeigh Marceline Jones. She is my […]

A Family of 1 Generation

I read this today and thought it was great. It is from Adam Lehman over at and this article I thought was really good. What do you think? “Your family isn’t just 1 generation. It can’t be. For Christmas, you go see some ancient aunt who forgets your name or you visit your newest […]

Life Updates

The past two months have been busy, busy, busy. Janan is pregnant, Trey started school again, I started school again, Legion of Terror at church is coming up, and something else that I can’t say until tomorrow have all kept me really busy. But I’m loving it. I think back to just 2 years ago […]

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